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Virus Information

1st Worldwide Internet Security Campaign

Virus Sources

See our Virus Vendors page for Additional Virus Information and a List of AV Malware Developers Submission Addresses.

W32.Blaster - LovSan
MSBlast - Win32.Posa

Microsoft Blaster Worm
Removal Tool

Global Routing Instabilities
Code Red II - Nimda

W32 Slammer
SQL Sapphire
Worm Information

AV Resources

Avast | AVG | CA | F-Secure
McAfee | MessageLabs

Microsoft Virus Alerts

Microsoft Vendor List

Norman  | Panda

Sophos | Symantec

Virus Bulletin

Virus List Encyclopedia

Virus Total

Virus.Org | Virus WildList


Products and Tools

Anti-Spyware by Lavasoft

Microsoft Windows
AntiSpyware by Microsoft

The Cleaner
World Leader in Trojan
Detection and Removal.


Search & Destroy

CERT Intruder Detection

Antivirus Concerns in XP and .NET Environments

Uncovered: Trojans as Spam Robots - Virus-Writer War Ė The Cost
The recent discovery by cít underscores the importance of individual responsibility for preventative measures that end-users must take to help mitigate malicious network traffic that will undeniably augment the cost of inter-connectivity; notwithstanding, the mounting war virus-writers have declared on each other - Kaspersky Labs News. The cost to neutralize virus and worm attacks is communal and rapidly rising as broadband is more widely adopted. Together, we can mitigate the cost to us all; individually, we can make a difference.

A Worst-Case Worm (PDF)
By Nicholas Weaver and Vern Paxson
International Computer Science Institute
This parameterized worst-case analysis is based on a simple damage model, combined with the authorís understanding of what an attack could accomplish. It speculates the plausible worst-case worm could cause $50 billion or more in direct economic damage. Although actual monetary damages are sometimes difficult to quantify, the direct economic loss associated with a worm that attacks widely used services can be staggering, especially since these self-propagating malicious worms can spread globally within minutes.

AV-Test.Org is a project of the Business Information Workgroup at the Institute of Technical and Business Information Systems at the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg (Germany) in cooperation with GEGA IT-Solutions GbR. In regularly intervals we test anti-virus software on behalf of the producers and for magazines. - The Complete Windows Trojans Paper.

Malware Myths and Misinformation
by David Harley
Part One: Windows, Mac, Exchange, and IIS
Part Two: Attachments, AV Software and Firewalls

Virus Research Unit
Virus Research Unit is a unit which has concentrated on computer antivirus research. This includes analysis of antivirus products and development of tools for computer antivirus research.

Virus Test Center
University of Hamburg Computer Science Department.
Learn about computer virus myths, hoaxes, urban legends, hysteria, and the impli≠ca≠tions if you be≠lieve in them.

Where are Trojans hiding? by KLC Consulting.

Threat and Virus Statistics

ISS X-Force

The following dynamic banner will turn red and display a warning message if your IP address is listed as an attacker in the DShield database. If you have Ad Blocking software installed, the banner may not render, go to: If the banner displays a warning message, please disconnect the system(s) from your network and scan for Trojans. Distributed Intrusion Detection System

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